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Hits not geting registered by external counters.


There is an abundance of hits stats and analysis tools and software out there and many times they do not match the real hits stats shown in the members.

There are of course natural explanations to this. The reason this happens is that every stats software uses different methods to register hits and they all have their own pre-requisits. Example according to Google analytics it does not count website visits that last less than 30 seconds. Similarly others have their prerequisits and rules.

Here is a list of other reasons that might make your tracker not register the hit.

- Relying on javascript. Many viewers of traffic exchanges disable this for external pages.
- Relying on unique visitors only. Traffic Exchanges by design are repeat and on a timer.
- Relying on the page being fully loaded. Ie the tracker software might be added i bottom of page
- Not able to count fast, repeat visitors. Traffic Exchanges by design repeat and on a timer.

There can of course be other factors as well, like your page simply being down when we sent the website hit, orthat your page is unreachable from certain geopraphical region. Rare but can happen.

Now, here at Twistrix and 247AutoHits we always work to improve and there are ways that you can optimize for some of these cases. You can set a timer that is sensible for your page that allows it to load fully. Don't set the timer too low. Furthermore you can set a hourly limit to avoid too many hits and repeat hits within a short period. This won't solve all of the issues above, but will help in some.

What you need is a tracker software that counts RAW website hits on IP level. There are thousands of such services online. One such free to use site is our own HitsProsper.

Our internal counters will aways be correct. Its programmed to simply deduct a wesbite hit after it sends one. As such they are always final.


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